My programs include treatment and prevention of such problems as:

  • GIT diseases: gastritis, cholestasis, irritable bowel syndrome, and many others
  • Iron deficiency, Anemia, Hypoxia
  • Adrenal dysfunctions, adrenal fatigue – stress management
  • Insulin Resistance, Leptin Resistance, Blood Sugar Control, Obesity
  • Thyroid problems + autoimmune diseases (Hashimoto desease, Vetiligo etc)
  • Hormon Balancing (Menopause/perimenopase, PMS, POS, Irregular Period etc)

It’s nearly impossible to provide a full list of all the known diseases that VK Holistic Method can help. It may be said that our work will help the whole body and strengthen its most vulnerable areas.

Also, I create individual programs:

  • Personal nutrition plan aimed at weight loss along with setting a proper diet
  • Cleansing and detox programs: rejuvenation, weight loss, health improvement, heavy metal detox, antiparasitic programs, an antifungal program, anti-age fasting (treatment, rejuvenation at the cellular level, whole body cleansing, weight loss, increased stamina)
  • Pregnancy preparation program, naturopathic support during pregnancy and post-childbirth rehabilitation. Support during IVF.

VK Soul Therapy (psychosomatics), psycho-energetical therapy: mental health is key. A disease cannot be cured if the person is under stress, or there is an inhibition in the body caused by past traumas. Having solved the issues of the soul, we can proceed confidently to getting rid of diseases. Stress level minimization is what any health-improving program or treatment scheme should begin with!

Combining psychosomatics, naturopathy, and nutritional science, I have been able to achieve immense improvements in the health of my clients who have relied on me.